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Welcome to BSN medical

We at BSN medical take pride in providing doctors, nurses and pharmacists with therapy solutions that improve their patients´ quality of life.

Wound Care & Vascular

Our JOBST® compression therapy and Cutimed® wound management product range provides you and your patients with an integrated treatment pathway.


BSN offers comprehensive, non-invasive, orthopaedic therapy solutions for patients which cover a broad range of indications.

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Clearly controlling the risk

The transparency of both the film and hydropolymer pad of Leukomed® Control, make wound inspection and early detection of infection easily possible - without the need for changing the dressing.

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NEW acquisition - JOBST® FarrowWrap®

BSN medical is proud to welcome JOBST FarrowWrap. Order forms available by clicking below links

A-D, A-G, Armpiece Custom, Lite Armpiece

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Thumb Injuries

Treatment solutions for acute and chronic disorders. To find out more click here

NEW post-op dressing

Leukomed® Sorbact® is an innovative post-operative dressing to protect wounds from external contamination.

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JOBST® Elvarex® Plus

A new generation in flat-knit compression garments

JOBST Elvarex Plus is part of a robust family of products which through innovative product development, continues the JOBST Elvarex success story in the management of lymphoedema and chronic oedema.

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Styles and Options

JOBST Elvarex is available in a wide range of styles and options. To assist in selecting the most appropriate style or option for your patient, images have been added to the product page.

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Actimove® Walker Air and Standard

Introducing the NEW Actimove Walker Air and Standard. 

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Through our high degree of innovation and manufacturing expertise we are able to offer a wide range of products for the management of Lymphoedema.  

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Cuticell® Contact

Cuticell Contact is a gentle and highly conformable silicone wound contact layer for pain-free and atraumatic dressing changes.

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Cutimed® Sorbact® Range

Cutimed Sorbact is a unique range of antimicrobial wound dressings which promote natural wound healing.  

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Cutimed® Siltec Range

Foam dressings with a difference. For gentle and effective exudate management.

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JOBST® Elvarex®

For over 60 years, JOBST Elvarex has been a recognised standard of therapy providing reliable flat-knitted graduated compression garments for the treatment of lymphoedema.

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