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Cutimed® Academy Modules

The following training modules are available as part of the Cutimed Academy.

Module Name
1 Anatomy and Physiology of Skin - Coming soon
2 Anatomy and Physiology of Wound Healing - Coming soon
3 Factors affecting Wound Healing - Coming soon
4 Exudate Management
5 Infection Management
6 Wound Bed Assessment - Coming soon
7 Litigation and the Law in the NHS

Module 4

Exudate Management

  • Investigates the different types of exudate and the role it plays in normal wound healing and the impact of high exudate levels on wound management. Highlights the benefits of good exudate management which can help to deliver improved patient outcomes, patient wellbeing and reduce the impact on NHS financial resources.

Module 5

Infection Management

  • Provides an understanding of the role of bioburden levels within a wound and when these start to cause problems. Investigates the impact of biofilms and resistant bacteria in infection managment. Topical antimicrobial technologies are reviewed alongside evidence based best practice.

Module 7

Law and Litigation in the NHS

  • Insightful presentation from a retired Coroner with real life court examples highlighting the risks associated with poor documentation.
  • Includes a recreation of a Coroner's court with delegates having the opportunity to play key roles in the 'courtroom drama'.

If you are interested in arranging a Cutimed Academy study day, please contact your local BSN Wound Care Account Manager or send an email to: cutimedacademy@bsnmedical.co.uk

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