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Medical skin protection

Maintaining healthy peri-wound margins is an integral part of wound healing. Cutimed PROTECT provides a long-lasting protective barrier against incontinence dermatitis or damage to skin exposed to exudate, as well as minimising skin water loss.

New 2g sachet - Optimum dispensing for single patient use

Cutimed PROTECT foam applicator and spray indications

Prevention of skin maceration or irritation caused by:

  • Urinary and / or faecal incontinence
  • Digestive and wound fluids
  • Removal of adhesives
  • Friction and shear 

Cutimed PROTECT cream indications

Prevention of maceration and irritation of intact skin caused by:

  • Urinary and / or faecal incontinence

Prevention of incontinence dermatitis 

Cutimed PROTECT range

  • Protects wound margins and peri-wound skin from exudate, incontinence and friction
  • Preserves and maintains intact or irritated skin by building a moisture barrier with good permeability to oxygen and water vapour
  • Prevents maceration by maintaining a barrier function for up to 96 hours†*

Cutimed PROTECT foam applicator: Allows accurate application to wound margins. It effectively reduces the risk of maceration and protects surrounding skin from damage from dressing adhesives. Available in 1ml and 3ml sizes.

Cutimed PROTECT spray: Enables easy, even application over wide areas to protect peri-wound and irritated skin. 

Cutimed PROTECT foam applicator and spray properties

  • Alcohol and irritant free, non-stinging solution
  • When applied to skin, Cutimed PROTECT spray and foam applicator form a colourless, fast-drying, transparent film with good permeability to water vapour and oxygen

Cutimed PROTECT cream: Cutimed PROTECT cream is suitable for the care of patients with incontinence who are at risk of skin maceration and dermatitis. It moistures the skin and prevents it from drying out while keeping it permeable to water vapour and oxygen. 

Cutimed PROTECT cream properties

  • Cutimed PROTECT cream is easily and quickly rubbed in without leaving a greasy film
  • Alcohol and perfume-free

*Cutimed PROTECT spray and foam applicator only. †Data on file.

BSN Code Description Size Pack Qty PIP Code NHS SC Code
72653-00 Spray 28ml 1 x 1 - ELY395
72653-01 Spray 28ml 1 x 12 369-4882 ELY470
72654-00 Foam applicator 1ml 1 x 5 369-4890 ELY397
72654-01 Foam applicator 1ml 1 x 25 - ELY468
72654-02 Foam applicator 3ml 1 x 5 369-4908 ELY399
72654-03 Foam applicator 3ml 1 x 25 - ELY469
72652-08 Cream NEW 2g 1 x 20 ELY614
72652-00 Cream 28g 1 x 1 369-4916 ELY471
72652-03 Cream 90g 1 x 12 369-4924 ELY472


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