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BLS Lymphoedema Awareness Week

From our Newsletter

See below topics sent out via e-newsletter to support the BLS Lymphoedema Awareness Week.

Educational Grant for EWMA 2016 Bremen

Many excellent nurses work in Leg Clubs across the country. In recognition of the exceptional commitment and dedication to their Club and the outstanding work they do, the Leg Club Industry Partners are offering an educational grant for a Leg Club nurse to attend the European Wound Management Association conference in Bremen 2016. The award winners work must have had tangible positive outcomes.

Entries are now open. Closing date: Monday 21 March 2016. Application is online only. Click here to contact Ellie Lindsay for an entry form.

BSN medical proud to sponsor BLS Award

We are pleased to announce that this year we are the corporate sponsor of the BLS "Raising awareness of lymphoedema amongst professionals" award.

These annual awards demonstrate the commitment and dedication from BLS members as they strive to increase awareness of lymphoedema and improve treatment outcomes. We are proud to show our support for this fantastic work.

Who would you like to nominate?

Managing Lymphoedema Step-by-Step

At BSN medical, we support both healthcare professionals and patients and during BLS Lymphoedema Awareness Week this is even more important.

The many benefits that movement, exercise and activity provide are especially important for lymphoedema patients such as improving mobility, self-esteem, confidence and reducing anxiety, depression and tiredness. A pedometer and a ‘steps’ goal can be a great motivator to exercise, as reported by Harvard Health Publications, click here to read more.

During this week, our BSN medical Account Managers are providing pedometers to healthcare professionals up and down the country to support their patients to get moving towards a healthier lifestyle. Why not ask your patients’ to organise a group walk around their local area or give them a daily number of steps challenge? Visit our website during the week as we share stories and ‘steps’ and ask your patients to put a spring into their step this March!

Prevalance of lymphoedema in women who attended an information and exercise class to reduce the risk of breast cancer-related lymphoedema

The prevalence of lymphoedema is a matter that is continually being researched.  This piece of research focuses on the prevalence of detectable breast cancer related lymphoedema (BCRL) in those attending a risk reduction clinic.  The cross sectional study considered lymphoedema detection by three methods, 1) self-reported (SR), 2) clinical judgement (CJ) and 3) objective measurement (OM).  Detection of BCRL varied between the three methods, 1) SR 30%, 2) CJ 23% and OM 3%. The authors suggest that a combined approach to assessment and diagnosis would be appropriate and beneficial.

Click here to read more about the prevalence outcomes of this study.

References: Jeff, E., Purushotham, A. (2016). The prevalence of lymphoedema in women who attend an information and exercise class to reduce the risk of beast cancer-related lymphedema of the upper limb. SpringerPlus. 5:21

Lympho-logical thinking in self-management of lymphoedema

This article discusses self-care/self-management by considering the Kaiser permanente triangle for long term conditions (LTC’s) in Sweden.  Although the article was based in Sweden there are similarities, such as the concept of applying a LTC management model.  It offers a different perspective on a number of matters that can bring about debate, such as patient empowerment.  However, it also needs to be set against other evidence in this area to appreciate the subject in its full context.

References: Remnerud, H., Haag, M. (2015)  Lympho-logical thinking in self-management of lymphoedema. Wounds International, 6(3), pp.22-26.

To read the full article click here.

Journal of Wound Care Award Winners 2016

On Friday 4th March, the prestigious JWC awards ceremony took place at Banking Hall in London. BSN proudly sponsored the "Cost-effective Wound Management award". We are pleased to announce the winner of this award was Medicines Management Greenwich Clinical Commissioning Group and Blue Bay Medical Systems. We also congratulate the very deserving double winner Melanie Thomas, National Clinical Lead for Lymphoedema in Wales receiving awards in Professional Education and Patient Wellbeing. A total of 12 awards were presented during the evening, with each award respectfully presented to a worthy winner.


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