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Please continue to visit this page so that we can provide you with the latest BSN news. 

LymphOnline - FREE Online Chronic Oedema and Lymphoedema Course

Lymphoedema Scotland welcomes you to join their free LymphOnline course through the University of Glasgow. The course runs from 29th June – 2nd July 2016 and provides an introduction to chronic oedema and lymphoedema. This course has been developed to enhance understanding of the problem of chronic leg swelling, its implications and strategies that help to reduce swelling, risks of further complications and increase the patients’ comfort. It is relevant for all healthcare professionals whose work involves caring for the elderly, those with limited mobility, chronic vascular, skin, renal and cardiac problems or obesity, as all are at risk of chronic oedema of their legs. To find out more click here.

NHS All Wales National Framework Agreement NOW Expanded

With the JOBST® Elvarex® brand, BSN medical is the appointed sole supplier on the NHS All Wales Framework Agreement  for ‘lower limb, flat-knit, made-to-measure compression garments’.

Continuing our success, we are pleased to announce that the product range has now expanded to include the popular JOBST® Elvarex® Soft, custom-fit, flat-knit, lower limb RAL compression garments. This will help to ensure greater choice for both clinicians and patients in the treatment of lymphoedema and chronic oedema.

For a copy of the relevant  order codes used in the Framework, please email joe.emms@bsnmedical.com or for more information about JOBST Elvarex Soft, please click here.

Invitation to help with lymphoedema Research

Melanie Thomas, National Clinical Lead for Lymphoedema Services in Wales and a Lymphoedema Physiotherapist, is in her 5th year of her Doctoral studies at Swansea University. She is currently conducting research utilising a questionnaire into establishing perceptions from lymphoedema healthcare professionals on lymphoedema risk reduction post breast cancer. Melanie would like to invite you to participate in her research.

Click here for Invitation, Questionnaire, Information Sheet

BSN-JOBST Customer Visit

During September 2015, a group of UK clinicians visited the BSN-JOBST manufacturing facility in Emmerich in Germany. The group went on a tour of the manufacturing facility to see how the JOBST® Elvarex® product range is manufactured and the new technology developed for JOBST Elvarex Plus. There were a number of interesting topics discussed during the three days regarding the treatment of lymphoedema, lipoedema and chronic oedema patients. The feedback from the group was that they found the trip to be enjoyable, informative and relevant to the their everyday practice.

British Lymphology Society 'Pearls of Wisdom' Conference

BSN medical exhibited at the BLS Conference in October. This was held at the very impressive National Motorcycle Museum – a must for all motorcycle enthusiasts! The conference, under the theme ‘Pearls of Wisdom’, ensured delegates were able to attend a variety of engaging topics over three days and to celebrate the BLS’s 30th anniversary at the gala dinner event. BSN medical were delighted to present the BLS Lifetime Achievement award to Dr Vaughan Keeley during the gala dinner evening. Dr Keeley has been working in the field of lymphoedema since the late 1980’s when there were very few lymphoedema services available. He is currently a Consultant in Palliative Medicine for the Derby Hospitals NHS Trust and is, amongst many other things, a director on the board of the International Lymphoedema Framework and an advisor for the Lymphoedema Support Network.

Hans von Zimmermann, Consultant Senior Medical Education Advisor for BSN medical discussed the clinical and patient benefits of the newly launched JOBST® Elvarex® Plus on the stand. The attendees were able to ask questions and found the sessions to be very informative. For further information about JOBST Elvarex Plus, please click here.


BSN medical sponsors JWC Awards 2015

This years JWC conference and awards ceremony was held back in March, at the BMA House in London.

Suppliers including BSN medical exhibited their focus products in a dedicated exhibitor zone, providing clinicians and suppliers with an opportunity to meet. Dr Philip Hammond, GP, comedian and well respected speaker, was the guest host supporting award announcements alongside the award sponsor, at this well-attended black-tie ceremony.

Representing BSN medical were Chris George, Krishna Patel, Sue Jackson and Sarah Rushton and they were joined by award winners and clinicians at their table.

The Cost-effective Wound Management Award

The Cost-effective Wound Management 2015 Award winner was presented to Debbie Gleeson, Tissue Viability Lead Specialist from St Helens and Knowsley Teaching Hospital Trust. The award was presented by Chris George, BSN medical Field Sales Manager. Debbie's implementation of a new wound care formulary tender and the cost-savings achieved, along with standardisation of products to simplify dressing selection were factors that influenced the judges decision to make this award to Debbie.

The Patient WellBeing Award

Sara Rowan, University of Modena, Italy received the Patient Wellbeing 2015 Award for her research on the experiences of patients with cancer, who are suffering from malignant fungating wounds. Chris George, BSN medical Field Sales Manager was delighted to present Sara with the award for the work she has carried out. The study was the first to look at cultural differences in this category of patients. Sarah said "In terms of the future, I would like to use the award to create guidelines for health professionals caring for such patients, so every patient has the best possible care".

NHS All Wales Agreement for Lymphoedema and Compression Products

BSN medical are the appointed sole supplier for lower limb, flat-knit, made-to-measure compression garments on the NHS All Wales Framework Agreement. JOBST® Elvarex® is available in 6 RAL compression classes for the lower limb with a wide variety of styles and options for the management of lymphoedema and chronic oedema. For a copy of the order codes for this contract, please email joe.emms@bsnmedical.com or for more information about JOBST Elvarex, please click here.


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