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Pre-tape underwrap Tensoban is a very thin polyurethane wrap. This can be used under adhesive bandages and tapes to protect the skin in taping and strapping techniques. It can also be used as a pre-tape, applied on top of the padding layer, in ort...


Tubular support bandage Tensogrip tubular bandage provides even pressure an light support over varying body contours. It is constructed from two thirds cotton ad one third rayon, combined with latex rubber yarns. ...


Elastic adhesive bandage Combining a specially formulated porous adhesive and a superior woven cloth, Tensoplast provides an unrivalled level of quality performance, trusted patient comfort and compliance. This makes it the UK's number one choice of...

Tensoplast® Sport

Cast edge tape Elastic adhesive tape with tramline adhesive provides soft edging to casts and splints and is particularly useful for edging removable focused rigidity casts. The central high-stretch section makes it easy to fold over cast edges. Lat...

Tensoplast® STK

Skin traction kits A ready to use kit including all items needed for the safe application of sustained traction weight support, and suitable for use with a variety of traction methods. Tensoplast STK is available in an adhesive and non-adhesive v...


Strong support cohesive bandage Tensoplus is a combination of cotton, viscose and elastic yarns coated with a cohesive emulsion, which allows it to adhere only to itself. It is quick and easy to apply and has limited stretch properties, allowing co...


Pre-shaped tubular support bandage Tensoshape is a pre-shaped elasticated tubular bandage suitable for light to medium support. The anatomical design provides graduated compression, which promotes improved blood flow and lymphatic return. ...


Adhesive protector Tensospray is a convenient clear spray which leaves a thin protective film over the surface of the skin. This provides an ideal layer for adhesive bandages and tapes, promoting excellent adhesive traction and reducing skin trauma...


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