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Actimove® Tutor Pro

Innovative knee immobilizer

Actimove Tutor Pro is the modern solution for secure immobilisation of the knee joint.


  • Post-operative knee support
  • Post-operative immobilisation after PCL and ACL rupture, corrective osteotomy and meniscus injuries
  • Post-arthroscopic treatment
  • Conservative knee joint treatment




  • Universal size
    • Fits 92% of the population*
    • For simple product selection
    • Time saving brace application
  • Anatomically shaped, lightweight shell
    • Provides secure immobilisation and enhanced patient comfort
    • No moulding is required, so application is quick and easy
    • Over 30% lighter than traditional knee immobilisers
  • Easy to apply
    • Adjustable hook and loop straps
    • The four straps can be tightened at both sides for a secure, individual fit for a range of leg shapes
    • Wide straps and tibia pads prevent pressure points
  • Patented open construction
    • Allows fast wound inspection and easy access to wounds
    • Handling of drains is simple and easy
    • Easy application of cold therapy
  • Strong, stiff spine
    • Provides secure immobilisation at 0° flexion as supplied
    • Additional spine allows for immobilisation at 20° flexion if desired
    • X-ray translucent, so removal is not necessary
    • Withstands forces of daily use over entire treatment time
  • Soft padded liner
    • Provides enhanced patient comfort, encouraging patient compliance
    • Helps prevent pressure points
    • Washable at 30°


BSN Code Size Pack Qty Dimensions
74486-00 Universal 1 x 1 immobiliser Fit Thigh 46cm-70cm, Calf 31cm-45cm

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