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Cutimed® Siltec Range
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Foam dressings with a difference

Cutimed Siltec has been designed to provide gentle and effective exudate management. The non-adhesive silicone wound contact layer protects surrounding skin and allows atraumatic dressing changes.1, 2, 3 Newly formed tissue has optimal protection in a moist environment.

In addition, above the foam core is a layer of super-absorbers which ensure reliable fluid absorption and fluid retention, even under compression.1, 4, 

A highly breathable top film facililites a dynamic MVTR to help maintain moist wound conditions as the wound heals.5  

New addition to the range is Cutimed Siltec Plus, click here to find out more.

1) Hardy D (2010) Chronic Oedema and Associated Complications. Wounds UK, 2010, Vol 6, No 4. 2) Derbyshire A (2010) Innovative solutions to daily challenges, British Journal of Community Nursing, Vol 15, No9, Wound Care, Sept 2010. 3) Derbyshire A (2010) Innovative solutions to daily challenges Cutimed Sorbact follow up case studies, British Journal of Community Nursing, Vol 15, No12, Wound Care December 2010. 4) Norris R (2010) The use of modern exudate management products under compression bandaging. Fourteenth Oxford-European Wound Healing Summer School. 5th August 2010. 5) Thomas S. (2010) Laboratory findings on the exudate handling capabilities of cavity foam and foam film dressings, JWC Vol 19, No5.

  • Venous leg ulcer
  • Diabetic foot ulcers
  • Arterial ulcers
  • Pressure ulcers
  • Skin grafts
  • Any moderate to heavy exuding wound regardless of aeitology

For more information visit http://www.cutimed.com

  • Pain-free and atraumatic dressing changes - The perforated silicone wound contact layer ensures gentle adherence to peri-wound skin.
  • New tissue protection - The evenly perforated silicone layer protects the new, fragile layer of epidermal cells which contribute to wound healing.
  • Reliable fluid retention - Super-absorbent particles above the foam core not only absorb a significant volume of fluid, they continue to reliably bind exudate even under compression. The polyurethane film has an excellent MVTR, but prevents strike through from wound exudate.
  • Minimal risk of maceration - Vertical absorption through the polyurethane foam and the silicone wound contact layer minimises the risk of maceration of the peri-wound skin.
BSN Code Description Size Pack Qty PIP Code NHS SC Code *Welsh Health Code
72632-00 Cutimed Siltec 5cm x 6cm 1 x 10 347-6553 ELA446
72632-01 Cutimed Siltec 10cm x 10cm 1 x 10 347-6546 ELA447
72632-02 Cutimed Siltec 10cm x 20cm 1 x 10 347-6694 ELA448/ELE059*
72632-03 Cutimed Siltec 15cm x 15cm 1 x 10 347-6561 ELA449
72632-04 Cutimed Siltec 20cm x 20cm 1 x 5 347-6579 ELA450 / ELE060*
72630-00 Cutimed Siltec L 5cm x 6cm 1 x 10 347-6660 ELA439
72630-01 Cutimed Siltec L 10cm x 10cm 1 x 10 347-6678 ELA440
72630-02 Cutimed Siltec L 15cm x 15cm 1 x 10 347-6686 ELA441
72631-00 Cutimed Siltec B 7.5cm x 7.5cm 1 x 10 347-6587 ELA442
72631-01 Cutimed Siltec B 12.5cm x 12.5cm 1 x 10 347-6595 ELA443
72631-02 Cutimed Siltec B 15cm x 15cm 1 x 10 347-6603 ELA444
72631-03 Cutimed Siltec B 17.5cm x 17.5cm 1 x 5 347-6652 ELA445
72631-04 Cutimed Siltec B 22.5cm x 22.5cm 1 x 5 359-9099 ELA494
72647-00 Cutimed Siltec Sacrum 17.5cm x 17.5cm 1 x 5 358-1469 ELA495
72647-01 Cutimed Siltec Sacrum 23cm x 23cm 1 x 5 361-3189 ELA496
72648-00 Cutimed Siltec Heel 16cm x 24cm 1 x 5 358-1451 ELA497


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