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Cutimed® Siltec Sorbact®
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Combines safe infection control with effective exudate management  

Cutimed Siltec Sorbact is the latest addition to the Cutimed Sorbact family, combining the infection management properties of Cutimed Sorbact with the fluid handling capabilities of Cutimed Siltec.

All contaminated, colonised or infected shallow wounds with moderate to high exudate levels, such as:

  • Chronic wounds e.g. arterial, venous, diabetic and pressure ulcers
  • Post-operative dehisced wounds
  • Traumatic wounds 

Can also be used as a secondary dressing for infected deep or cavity wounds.  

Sorbact Technology-coated wound contact layer

  • In a moist wound environment, bacteria and fungi are irreversibly3 bound to the dressings, kick starting the healing process3,4 and reducing the microbial load
  • This unique mode of action allows the dressings to be safely used prophylactically and when other antimicrobial dressings are not indicated
  • No contraindications5

Super-absorbent particles above the foam core

  • Retains exudate, even under compression6 helping to maintain healthy peri-wound skin

Fast wicking foam

  • Allows fast vertical absorption to help prevent maceration

High and dynamic MVTR

  • Maintains an optimal moist wound environment2

Gentle adhering silicone border

  • Provides pain free and atraumatic dressing changes

References 1.Haycocks S. 2011. Use of DACC-coated dressings in diabetic foot ulcers: A case series. The Diabetic Foot Journal Vol.14 No.3 2. Thomas S. 2010. Laboratory findings on the exudate handling capabilities of cavity foam and foam film dressings. Journal of Wound Care, Vol 19. No.5 3. Ljungh et al 2006. Using the principle of hydrophobic interaction to bind and remove wound bacteria. Journal of Wound Care, Vol.15 No.4 4. Hampton S. 2007. An evaluation of the efficacy of Cutimed Sorbact in different types of non-healing wounds. Wounds UK Vol.3 No.4 5. Powell G. 2009. Evaluating Cutimed Sorbact: Using a case study approach. British Journal of Nursing 18 (11): S30-36 6. Norris R. 2012. Proceedings from Oxford Summer School Symposium 2010: Daily Challenges, Innovative Solutions. British Journal of Nursing Supplement.

BSN Code Size (wound pad) Pack Qty PIP Code NHS SC Code
79929-00 7.5 x 7.5cm (3.9 x 3.9cm) 1 x 10 377-3470 ELY505
79929-01 12.5 x 12.5cm (8.2 x 8.2cm) 1 x 10 377-3488 ELY506
79929-02 15 x 15cm (10 x 10cm) 1 x 10 377-3504 ELY507
79929-03 17.5 x 17.5cm (12.3 x 12.3cm) 1 x 5 377-3520 ELY508
79929-04 22.5 x 22.5cm (16.5 x 16.5cm) 1 x 5 377-3538 ELY509
79929-05 Sacrum 17.5 x 17.5cm 1 x 5 377-3546 ELY510
79929-06 Sacrum 23 x 23cm 1 x 5 377-3553 ELY511


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