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Facebook Live

Did you miss our Facebook Live series providing free education to nurses on the importance of using best practice to improve holistic wound assessment, with a highlight on treating wound infection?

We are delighted to give you the opportunity to watch one of the programmes again, expertly presented by Joy Tickle, Tissue Viability Nurse from Shropshire.

Using best practice to treat wound infection

Using best practice to treat wound infection

Once you’ve watched the programme, why not download our free tools including

1. Our Best Practice Statement: Improving holistic assessment of chronic wounds

  • Explains the value and importance of holistic wound assessment,
  • Describes the principles underlying  holistic wound assessment and summarising these as BPSs
  • Shows how the processes involved in holistic wound assessment can support best practice management of patients with chronic wounds
  • Most importantly, empowers patients to be involved in their care

2. Our CASE booklet

  • Aims to support you through the important steps to simply assessment
  • Takes a holistic approach for better wound healing outcomes
  • Is in a handy booklet form, when you’re on the go

3. Cutimed® Sorbact® Brochure

  • Provides an overview of the unique, physical mode of action
  • Explains why Cutimed Sorbact is more effective than silver dressings1
  • Has an overview of the full range, detailing the many variants suitable for different wound types

4. BSN medical Educational Academies brochure

  • Summarises the free, modular education we can provide on a wide variety of topics

For more information or to request an evaluation sample kit, please contact our concierge team via email, click here.

1. Mosti et al., (2015) “Comparative study of two antimicrobial dressings in infected leg ulcers: a pilot study”, Journal of Wound Care, 24(3): 121-2; 147-7


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