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JOBST® Academy

JOBST® Academy Modules

A brief overview of each module currently available is given here, to assist you in your selection for your study day. Where appropriate, modules from both the Cutimed and the JOBST Academies can be combined into one study day. 

Module 1: Lymphoedema Overview

  • This module provides a basic introduction to lymphoedema and the treatment of the condition. It includes the structure of the lymphatic system, the types of lymphoedema and the subsequent treatment options available for patients

Module 2: Anatomy and Physiology of the Lymphatic System

  • To Identify and explore the structures of the lymphatic system and discover how this essential anatomy works under normal circumstances. Understand how changes occur when oedema develops and how to apply this knowledge in assessment and treatment phase

Module 3: Patient Assessment

  • To increase knowledge and understanding of the principle and importance of patient assessment. You will be guided on how to relate these principles to patient situations and explain the challenges that occur within patient assessment

Module 4: Treatment and Management of Lymphoedema (Chronic Oedema)

  • To identify the stages and appropriate management of lymphoedema. Use recognised tools and subsequent treatment modalities for this patient group, to achieve positive clinical outcomes

Module 5: Wrap Compression Systems and Measuring for JOBST® FarrowWrap®

  • To provide an understanding of wrap compression systems for both vascular and lymphatic indications. Also includes a practical demonstration in measuring for lower limb JOBST FarrowWrap. This incorporates a hands-on, practical session in measuring for JOBST FarrowWrap for lower limb

Module 6: Measuring for a JOBST® Compression Garment - Upper Limb

  • A practical demonstration in measuring for an upper limb garment using the JOBST range of compression garments. This will include: JOBST® Elvarex®, JOBST FarrowWrap and our ready-to-wear range of garments. Identify when each type of garment is most suited for your patient by understanding the differences between circular-knit and flat-knit technology 

Module 7: Measuring for a JOBST® Ready-to-Wear Compression Garment 

  • A practical demonstration in measuring for a JOBST ready-to-wear compression garment for lower limbs. You will gain valuable knowledge about the JOBST ready-to-wear range. This also incorporates a hands-on practical session in measuring for JOBST ready-to-wear garments

Module 8: Lipoedema

  • To demonstrate an understanding of the pathophysiology and classification of lipoedema, recognising the differences between lymphoedema and lipoedema. How to assess a patient who presents with this condition and explore the treatment options available to help improve a patients quality of life

Module 9: Palliative Care - Managing Oedema in Advanced Disease

  • An overview of lymphoedema, causes and components in advancing disease whether of a cancer or non-cancer origin

Module 10: Measuring for a JOBST® Elvarex Custom-Fit Compression Garment - Lower Limb

  • JOBST Elvarex custom-fit, -flat-knit lower limb garment. You will become more familiar with JOBST Elvarex and the equipment used (e.g. a measuring board). This also incorporates a hands-on practical session in measuring for a JOBST Elvarex custom-fit garment

Module 11: Obesity Related Lymphoedema

  • Understand obesity related oedema and how this impacts on the patient’s treatment. Identify the options available to assist obese patients and recommended support pathways

Module 12: Management of Genital Oedema

  • An overview of the anatomy of the genitourinary system and the anatomical changes that occur when oedema develops. Guidance is provided on the identification and subsequent treatment options that are available for patients with genital oedema

Module 13: Head and Neck Lymphoedema

  • To demonstrate an understanding of lymphoedema associated with the head and neck, exploring the treatment options that are available to support reduction and maintenance of oedema, improving a patients quality of life

Module 14: Chronic Oedema 

  • To demonstrate an understanding of the pathophysiology and classification of chronic oedema, recognising the similarities to lymphoedema. How to provide a full holistic assessment, treatment and management of oedema including the benefit of providing the correct compression therapy for the short and long term management of the condition

Module 15: Breast Lymphoedema

  • To demonstrate an understanding of how lymphoedema can affect the breast and torso, identifying the assessment needs for this condition, and the relevant treatment options that are available to support long-term management

Module 16: Leg Ulcer Management

  • An overview of the circulatory system of the lower limb. Risk factors that could lead to the development of venous, arterial or mixed aetiology leg ulceration. Explore how to assess, treat and manage a patient with lower limb conditions

If you are interested in arranging a JOBST Academy study day, please contact your local Essity Account Manager or send an email to: compression.uk@jobst.com


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