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National Casting Day

What is National Casting Day?

National Casting Day is an initiative to promote the skills and services of the cast room within your Hospital Trust and local community. The day on which casting departments can celebrate their skills and work!

Theme - “Raising The Bar”
Focus on training, education, innovation and fun
Raise the profile of the cast room within your Trust and local community

National Casting Day was started in 2014 with a number of Trusts getting involved and all doing various activities to highlight their events.

What’s in it for you?
Raise the profile of your team and the value of the skills in the department - the variety of techniques there are, the number of departments you work with and even the number of patients you see.

What’s in it for your local community?
Some teams invite school or Scout groups in to show children that the fracture clinic and plaster room is not something to be afraid of and linking in with wider learning initiatives.

What’s in it for your Trust?
Celebrating skills and showcasing departments gives a greater understanding of how the whole Trust works and the impacts and best practice sharing that each department can have with each other. 


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