We at Essity, have tools that can help reduce the burden on nursing time and improve the clinical outcomes for your patients

Ask for a copy of our Best Practice Statement: Improving holistic assessment of chronic wounds:

  • Developed by an expert working group
  • Includes nine Best Practice Statements, each uniquely accompanied by a related patient centred statement, which explains to patients with chronic wounds what they should expect from high quality wound assessment
  • Involves them in their care planning, helps improve patient empowerment

Used in conjunction with our CASE framework (a useful, on-the-move, reference tool) this Best Practice Statement will help improve care and wound healing outcomes and reduce the burden on nursing time.

To find out more, and to request a copy of the Best Practice Statement and assessment tools to see how Essity can support you. Email us at concierge.service@essity.com or call 01482 670177.

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