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National Casting Day 2018

National Casting Day Celebrations 2017

National Casting Day events have been taking place in cast rooms across the country yesterday, today and some are scheduled for tomorrow. Skeletons, mugs, t-shirts, bunting and cakes have dressed hospital event areas around the country, creating fun and raising awareness of this annual event which is now celebrating it's fourth successful year.

Royal Derby kicked off their event by re-creating the National Casting Day logo using  Delta-Cast Print Camouflage tape creating information displays and carrying out casting demonstrations.  Activity also included a raffle and cake sale to raise funds for the air ambulance, live music and visits from the Chief Executive and Head of Nursing.

Hull Royal Infirmary plaster room took over their main entrance area with displays of information, a ‘pin the bone on the skeleton’ game, a casting quiz and a bake sale.  Staff from all over the hospital attended the event.

Social Media
Cheltenham General, Royal Gwent, and Warrington Hospitals have been making use of social media by posting details of their events on the AOP Facebook page with casting demonstrations, team photos and even a Smurf themed display.

Below: Hinchingbrooke Hospital

Below: Hull Royal Infirmary

Below: Royal Derby Hospital


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