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Delta-Cast® Soft
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Flexible casting tape

Delta-Cast Soft provides functional support to fractures and soft tissue injuries. Its semi-rigidity allows for flexibility and mobility, helping to reduce immobilisation related problems such as muscle atrophy and joint stiffness. Delta-Cast Soft offers clinicians unique benefits and is available through normal supplier routes including the NHS Supply Chain.  

Polyester substrate

3 way stretch / excellent conformability

  • Ease of handling on application
  • Perfect fit around difficult body contours
  • Wrinkle free application

Fibreglass free

  • Superior durability resulting in fewer cast breakdowns
  • Reduces time and cost for the cast room

100% radiolucent

  • Allows clear x-ray images for diagnosis and follow up monitoring

Specially developed resin


  • Minimises the effect of total rigidity immobilisation
  • Improved circulation, a faster healing process and a shorter rehabilitation period

Ease of removal

  • Can be removed by lifting and unpeeling
  • Can be removed and trimmed to shape using regular cast scissors

Excellent lamination

  • Excellent lamination of layers produces a strong, well bonded cast with secure end laydown

Unique patented design

Available in a unique paw print design, offering patients of all ages a more playful, pleasant cast 

If you would like to arrange a workshop in your hospital to see the benefits of Delta-Cast Soft for yourself, please email: castingacademy.uk@bsnmedical.com to request this detailing your name, position, department and hospital information.

Code Description Size Pack Qty NHS SC Code
72708-02 White 2.5cm x 1.8m 1 x 10 rolls EAF659
72708-12 White 5cm x 3.6m 1 x 10 rolls EAF660
72708-22 White 7.5cm x 3.6m 1 x 10 rolls EAF661
72708-32 White 10cm x 3.6m 1 x 10 rolls EAF657
72708-42 White 12.5cm x 3.6m 1 x 10 rolls EAF658
72708-09 Paw print 5cm x 3.6m 1 x 10 rolls EAF652
72708-19 Paw print 7.5cm x 3.6m 1 x 10 rolls EAF653
72708-05 Blue 5cm x 3.6m 1 x 10 rolls EAF650
72708-15 Blue 7.5cm x 3.6m 1 x 10 rolls EAF651
72708-25 Blue 10cm x 3.6m 1 x 10 rolls EAF649
72708-08 Red 5cm x 3.6m 1 x 10 rolls EAF655
72708-18 Red 7.5cm x 3.6m 1 x 10 rolls EAF656
72708-28 Red 10cm x 3.6m 1 x 10 rolls EAF654
72708-01 Black 5cm x 3.6m 1 x 10 rolls EAF647
72708-11 Black 7.5cm x 3.6m 1 x 10 rolls EAF648
72708-28 Black 10cm x 3.6m 1 x 10 rolls EAF646
72708-60 Heart print 5cm x 3.6m 1 x 10 rolls -
72708-61 Heart print 7.5cm x 3.6m 1 x 10 rolls -


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