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Strong, light and durable, the Dynacast® Prelude range provides a more versatile solution than plaster of Paris slabs.

Dynacast® Prelude

Synthetic splint system Dynacast Prelude is a synthetic splinting system specifically incorporating fibreglass, covered by a polypropylene padding, to offer easy application for the support and immobilisation of fresh fractures and soft tissue injur...

Dynacast® Prelude Solo

Unpadded precut splinting system The Dynacast Prelude Solo unpadded precut is a fibreglass splinting system that comes in a variety of widths and lengths, and is stronger and more versatile than traditional plaster of Paris slabs. Dynacast Prelude S...

Dynacast® AS Ankle Splint

Ankle synthetic splint system Dynacast AS Ankle splint is a unique custom mouldable solution for external ankle support following acute injury or for chronic joint instability. The therapy solution can be used throughout treatment from acute to reha...


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