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Actimove® LombaCare
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Effective support for acute and chronic back disorders

Actimove LombaCare is a specially designedd back support providing effective stabilisation for the lower back. The design has been developed to:

  • Reduce pain in the lumbar region helping sufferers to go about their daily lives
  • Help patients maintain correct posture and so help align and alleviate stress in the spinal vertebrae
  • Increase interabdominal pressure supporting the dorsal musculature
  • Give patients a feeling of safety and support
  • Acute and chronic low back pain
  • Degenerative back problems
  • Muscular and ligamentous instability
  • Post-traumatic rehabilitation
  • Post-operative support
  • Repetitive strain injury

Four dorsal stays

Help the wearer to maintain correct posture by deterring both sideways movement and rotation

  • This correction in posture helps align and alleviate stress in the spinal vertebrae

Hand closure pocket system

  • Front closure system with hand pocket provides good leverage for easy closing, opening and adjusting. The wide opening allows patients to insert their entire hand.

Lumbar pocket for heat therapy

  • Lumbar pocket can be used for inserting a heat pack e.g. Physiopack® (13 - 30cm) to supply heat. Warming therapy contributes to soothing pain relief

Hi-tech fabric

  • Hi-tech spacer fabric is used for the lumbar pocket to allow the desired heat penetration and comfort. Spacer fabric also has an increased ability to maintain its shape over time
  • The unique double layer design provides an extra- cushioning effect for enhanced comfort, leading to better patient compliance even without a heat pack.

Stylish design

  • Contemporary colours and sleek design give the back support belt a modern look. The key elements like the hand dorsal stays are highlighted by fashionable silver fabric enhancing patient compliance.
BSN Code Size Pack Qty Dimensions PIP Code NHS SC Code
73450-00 Small 1 x 1 Waist circumference: 60 - 70cm 350-5203 GRZ1405
73450-01 Medium 1 x 1 Waist circumference: 71 - 86cm 350-5211 GRZ1406
73450-02 Large 1 x 1 Waist circumference: 87 - 86cm 350-5237 GRZ1407
73450-03 X Large 1 x 1 Waist circumference: 103 - 121cm 350-5245 GRZ1408
73450-04 XX Large 1 x 1 Waist circumference: 122 - 140cm 350-5260 GRZ1409


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