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Actimove® LombaCare
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Effective support for acute and chronic back disorders

Actimove LombaCare is a specially designedd back support providing effective stabilisation for the lower back. The design has been developed to:

  • Reduce pain in the lumbar region helping sufferers to go about their daily lives
  • Help patients maintain correct posture and so help align and alleviate stress in the spinal vertebrae
  • Increase interabdominal pressure supporting the dorsal musculature
  • Give patients a feeling of safety and support
  • Acute and chronic low back pain
  • Degenerative back problems
  • Muscular and ligamentous instability
  • Post-traumatic rehabilitation
  • Post-operative support
  • Repetitive strain injury

Four dorsal stays

Help the wearer to maintain correct posture by deterring both sideways movement and rotation

  • This correction in posture helps align and alleviate stress in the spinal vertebrae

Hand closure pocket system

  • Front closure system with hand pocket provides good leverage for easy closing, opening and adjusting. The wide opening allows patients to insert their entire hand.

Lumbar pocket for heat therapy

  • Lumbar pocket can be used for inserting a heat pack e.g. Physiopack® (13 - 30cm) to supply heat. Warming therapy contributes to soothing pain relief

Hi-tech fabric

  • Hi-tech spacer fabric is used for the lumbar pocket to allow the desired heat penetration and comfort. Spacer fabric also has an increased ability to maintain its shape over time
  • The unique double layer design provides an extra- cushioning effect for enhanced comfort, leading to better patient compliance even without a heat pack.

Stylish design

  • Contemporary colours and sleek design give the back support belt a modern look. The key elements like the hand dorsal stays are highlighted by fashionable silver fabric enhancing patient compliance.
Code Size Pack Qty Dimensions PIP Code NHS SC Code
73450-00 Small 1 x 1 Waist circumference: 60 - 70cm 350-5203 GRZ1405
73450-01 Medium 1 x 1 Waist circumference: 71 - 86cm 350-5211 GRZ1406
73450-02 Large 1 x 1 Waist circumference: 87 - 86cm 350-5237 GRZ1407
73450-03 X Large 1 x 1 Waist circumference: 103 - 121cm 350-5245 GRZ1408
73450-04 XX Large 1 x 1 Waist circumference: 122 - 140cm 350-5260 GRZ1409


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