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The Actimove® hand and wrist range has been designed with user friendly features to support patient compliance.

Actimove® Rhizo Forte

Unique thumb brace Actimove Rhizo Forte is the one of a kind brace restricting thumb movement while maintaining the daily functionality of the hand. The Red Dot Award winning design ensures the immobilisation of the CMC and MCP joint without restric...

Actimove® Gauntlet

Thumb and wrist brace Actimove Gauntlet is a functional thumb and wrist support for the treatment of light to moderate injuries or chronic instability problems at the thumb....

Actimove® Manus

Eco wrist brace Provides stabilisation of the wrist without restriction of hand function....

Actimove® ManuWrap

Wrist support Actimove ManuWrap provides effective support immediately after injury, during rehabilitation from strains and sprains or as a preventative measure during sporting activities. Actimove ManuWrap also helps reduce the swelling and pain as...

Actimove® AluFoam

Aluminium finger splint Actimove AluFoam finger splints are lightweight aluminium splints, laminated with sturdy foam. The splint can be cut and formed to correctly immobilise any finger injury. ...


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