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A range of accessories to complement the BSN medical Physiotherapy portfolio.


Adhesive protector Tensospray is a convenient clear spray which leaves a thin protective film over the surface of the skin. This provides an ideal layer for adhesive bandages and tapes, promoting excellent adhesive traction and reducing skin trauma ...

Leukotape® Foam

Foam padding Leukotape Foam is used to provide cushioning, support and protection in conjunction with taping and bandaging. Particularly effective in providing a uniform pressure around bony prominences when applied with these techniques. It is eas...

Leukotape® Remover

Solution to aid painless tape removal Leukotape Remover helps remove adhesive tapes and elastic adhesive bandages. It also prevents any adhesive residue which may be left on the skin. The remover is applied to soak the taping and breakdown the adhe...

Instant Cold Pack

Instant local pain relief Instant Cold Pack is a single use product which provides local pain relief with effective cold therapy for up to 30 minutes. The product does not require pre-freezing so can be activated immediately by giving the pack a fir...


Reusable hot / cold pack Physiopack is a reusable green gel pack in a soft plastic bag for either hot or cold therapy treatment. The gel can be cooled in a freezer or heated in either hot water or a microwave. The product and packaging is ...

Articare® Cold Spray

Instant cooling spray Articare Cold Spray is an aerosol spray, providing instant cooling and rapid pain relief of soft tissue injuries. Suitable for quick, on-the-spot treatment for the immediate symptoms of sprains and strains....


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