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Hypafix® gentle touch
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Gentle and secure fixation

It is important to preserve and protect our skin's integrity, and when dealing with sensitive and at-risk skin, we need to pay greater attention to protecting it from stresses of treatment and everyday life.

To support the care of patients with sensitive and at-risk skin, BSN medical has introduced a NEW silicone fixation tape; Hypafix gentle touch. This new addition to the range complements our proven Hypafix products and is the perfect fixation partner to a range of dressings, especially Cutimed® Siltec; a soft and gentle foam dressing for effective exudate management.

  • Fixation of primary wound care dressings
  • Securing IV lines
  • Securing probes, tubes and instruments

Skin-friendly silicone adhesive

  • Atraumatic adhesive is ideal for fragile, sensitive and at-risk skin
  • Maintains skin integrity
  • Secure fixation of dressings, instruments and devices
  • Can be worn for up to seven days

Soft and breathable non-woven material

  • Highly flexible
  • Easy and quick application to body contours
  • Comfortable and conformable
  • Water-repellent
  • Reduces the risk of skin maceration

Solution for all wound sizes

  • Comes in a range of widths
  • Can be cut to desired shape and size to suit any wound size / patients' needs
BSN CodeSizePack Qty
79966-002.5cm x 2.5m1 x 1
79966-015cm x 5m1 x 1
79966-0210cm x 5m1 x 1
79966-0315cm x 5m1 x 1
79966-0410cm x 2m1 x 1


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