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A range of adhesive and non-adhesive fixation products are available for the retention of dressings, catheters and devices.


Wide-area dressing fixation Hypafix is a  skin-friendly, non-woven tape used for wide area dressing fixation. The tape transversely stretches, is highly conformable and easy to apply, even on difficult joint areas. It is easily cut to shape to ...

Hypafix® Transparent

Ultra thin, waterproof dressing fixation Adhesive fixation needs to provide reliable adhesion, be simple to use, comfortable to wear and above all, protect the primary wound dressing. Available on a roll, Hypafix Transparent is an ultra thin, n...


Retention bandage Produced from viscose and polyamide, Easifix retention bandage is soft, lightweight and porous, providing excellent conformability and secure fixation of wound dressings. ...

Easifix® Crinx BP

Gauze bandage Easifix Crinx Cotton Conforming Gauze Bandage B.P. is individually wrapped and made from 100% soft, absorbent, white cotton and conformable to all parts of the body. It is also inverted to prevent fraying, light weight and conformable ...

Easifix® K

A highly conformable, knitted retention bandage Easifix K is an open-knitted bandage made from high-grade viscose and polyamide fibres. As well as being lightweight, soft and breathable, this all-rounder is highly elastic and flexible, making Easifi...


The waterproof tape for impermeable dressings Leukoflex is the surgical tape of choice when you need waterproof dressing fixation needs to be impermeable to water. Wound dressings secured with Leukoflex increase mobility, allowing patients to shower...


The ideal tape for sensitive skin Leukosilk is easy to tear and universal in use. It is especially suitable for sensitive skin areas....


The transparent tape for rapid fixation When transparency and quick action are called for, Leukofix is the surgical tape of choice. Particularly useful in emergencies or intensive care, Leukofix is suitable for a wide range of fication needs. ...


The classic tape for normal skin Leukoplast is recommended when particularly secure fixation is required....

Leukoplast® Sleek®

High strength, waterproof adhesive tape Leukoplast Sleek is a waterproof adhesive strapping tape. Ideal for fixation of dressings and appliances where they are likely to be in contact with dirt or water. Its strength and conformability also make it ...

Leukoplast® Sleek® LF

High strength, waterproof adhesive tape Leukoplast Sleek LF combines all the features of Leukoplast sleek but with a latex-free adhesive. It is a waterproof adhesive strapping tape, ideal for fixation of dressings and appliances where they are likel...


The gentle tape for highly sensitive skin Leukopor is particularly suitable for patients with sensitive skin and for long term dressings....


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