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Together we can make the change to safe infection prevention and management

Having to compromise between safety and efficiency is no longer an issue for you or your patients. Commonly used silver-based products each have their own challenges such as development of resistance or healing delays. However, Cutimed Sorbact works without any known side effects.

It's time to change, it's time to go green! Due to the purely physical mode of action in a moist wound enviroment, Cutimed Sorbact binds and removes bacteria without the release of any antimicrobial agents. So experience the efficacy of Cutimed Sorbact, for the prevention and management of wound infection. 1,2

Cutimed Sorbact is suitable for clean, colonised and infected wounds such as:

  • Chronic wounds (e.g. venous, arterial, diabetic and pressure ulcers)
  • Post-operative dehisced wounds
  • Traumatic wounds
  • Wounds post-excision of abscesses
  • Dermal fungal infections

Oustanding proven results: Cutimed Sorbact is more effective than silver2

  • When treating infected wounds, Cutimed Sorbact's efficacy is clinically proven2
  • It reduces bacterial burdern by up to 73%, significantly out-performing silver based dressings

Silver has many drawbacks

  • Silver-based wound dressings can be harmful to the patient as they trigger the release of endotoxins and may have many side effects

Make the switch to Cutimed Sorbact and avoid risks that arise from using silver-based wound dressings:

  • Killing microorganisms, e.g. by destroying cell walls3
  • Healing impaired due to dead cell residue (e.g. endotoxins)4
  • Possible side effects5
  • Risk of resistant strains developing6
  • Not suitable for breastfeeding or pregnant women7

Safe, no side effects known

  • Cutimed Sorbact has a purely physical mode of action

    • This creates a variety of benefits, which make your daily work much safer:

      • No contraindications known
      • No known side effects
      • No limitation in usage
      • No release ot antimicrobial agents
      • Low risk of allergies

    • In addition, the dressing can be used for:

      • Repeated usage
      • Children
      • Pregnant and breastfeeding women

Easy with convenient solutions

  1. Choose Cutimed Sorbact for PREVENTION and INFECTION MANAGEMENT1,2
  2. Choose Cutimed Sorbact for both CHRONIC and ACUTE WOUNDS with no known contraindications
  3. Select from many different variants, shapes and sizes for easy APPLICATION

Cutimed Sorbact safely binds bacteria purely physically.


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BSN CodeDescriptionSizePack QtyPIP CodeNHS SC Code
72161-01Cutimed Sorbact dressing pad7cm x 9cm1 x 5232-4291ELY214
72162-01Cutimed Sorbact dressing pad10cm x 10cm1 x 5232-4309ELY215
72163-00Cutimed Sorbact dressing pad10cm x 20cm1 x 20232-4317ELY219
72164-01Cutimed Sorbact swab4cm x 6cm (folded) 11cm x 16cm (unfolded)1 x 5232-4325ELY212
72165-01Cutimed Sorbact swab7cm x 9cm (folded) 17cm x 27cm (unfolded)1 x 5232-4333ELY213
72166-00Cutimed Sorbact ribbon2cm x 50cm1 x 20339-9482ELY218
72167-00Cutimed Sorbact ribbon5cm x 200cm1 x 10339-9490ELY217
72168-00Cutimed Sorbact round swab3cm14 x 5232-4341ELY309

Cutimed Sorbact Clinical References


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