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Sorbact Technology-coated microbial binding post-op dressings

This innovative post-operative dressing protects a wound from external contamination and due to its Sorbact Technology-coated microbial binding wound contact layer helps to prevent colonisation from harmful microbes.

In a recent study Leukomed Sorbact represented a clinically significant 65% relative risk reduction of acquiring a surgical site infection1.

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All post-operative and traumatic wounds such as:

  • Surgical incisions
  • Post-operative dehisced wounds
  • Lacerations, cuts, abrasions
  • Minor burns

  • Adhesive film

    • Breathable and shower-proof
    • Provides high patient comfort
    • Reliable adhesion
    • Dressing stays securely in place 

  • Absorbent wound pad

    • Absorbs low to moderate exudate levels
    • Reduces the risk of maceration 

  • Sorbact Technology-coated microbial binding wound contact layer

    • Safely and effectively binds bacteria and fungi without a chemically active agent
    • Helps to minimise the risk of infection
    • No chemically active agents
    • Can be used safely on all patient groups


BSN CodeSizePad SizeNHS SC Code
76199-005cm x 7.2cm3cm x 4cmELY578
76199-018cm x 10cm4cm x 6cmELY579
76199-028cm x 15cm4cm x 11cmELY580
76199-0310cm x 20cm5cm x 16cmELY581
76199-0410cm x 25cm5cm x 20.5cmELY582
76199-0510cm x 30cm5cm x 25cmELY583
76199-0610cm x 35cm5cm x 30cmELY584


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