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JOBST® Elvarex® Soft
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Skin-protecting softness and excellent breathability 

Upper and lower limb custom-fit, flat-knit garments for the treatment of mild to moderate lymphoedema and specifically designed for those patients with dry, sensitive or fragile skin. The unique knitted fabric contains a soft textured yarn, combining skin-protecting softness and excellent breathability. JOBST Elvarex Soft provides choice and allows patients to live with oedema the comfortable way.

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  • Excellent fit

    • Knitted edge without an edging seam
    • Ensures the garment will not roll up or constrict the skin
    • Anatomically correct bias cut for the upper arm and slip-form for the lower limb
    • Optimum garment fit, maximising therapy
    • The new Comfort Dotted Silicone Band is not bulky
    • Helps to prevent constrictions and comfortable to wear

  • Soft and skin-friendly

    • Combines skin-protecting softness and excellent breathability
    • Particularly well suited for patients with dry, sensitive and fragile skin

  • Easy to put on

    • Comparative product testing proves that JOBST Elvarex soft is easier to don than other brands of compression hosiery
    • Aids patient independence

  • Therapeutically effective
    • Provides optimum medical efficacy in the treatment of mild to moderate lymphedema
    • Ensures optimum therapeutic effect is achieved

Ordering information
JOBST Elvarex Soft is available on prescription. For full details, including measuring information, please refer to the Compression Therapy Price List or contact Customer Services on 0845 122 3600 or e-mail compression.uk@bsnmedical.com

Measuring information
For an order form detailing the measurements required for JOBST Elvarex Soft, please click the appropriate form below:

JOBST Elvarex Upper Limb Order Form 

JOBST Elvarex Lower Limb Order Form

JOBST Elvarex Below Knee Order Form

Disclaimer: Please note that the order form is supplied for use by healthcare professionals who have been specifically trained and are qualified to measure for Jobst Elvarex custom-fit garments. Each garment is made to the individual measurements and specifications provided on this order form. BSN medical takes no responsibility for any measurement inaccuracies, so please check thoroughly before submitting your order. If you have any queries relating to either measuring or garment style, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Services (0845 122 3600, option 1) or the Lymphoedema Helpline (0800 389 8424). 

The product information on this page is not intended to be used by health care professionals or users in the United States and may not comply with the regulatory standards of the United States. Please refer to the product label and / or package insert for full instructions on the safe use of these products.

The images below show garment styles for the lower limb.

From left to right: AD knee high, AG thigh high with slip form, AG-T chap style, AT tights with slip form

The images below show garment options for the lower limb.

Above from left to right: open toe straight foot, open toe slant foot, closed toe

Below from left to right: silicone band on top, silicone band inside, thigh high and tights manufactured with slip form as standard 

Below: adjustable waistband, T-heel


The image below shows CG Armsleeve with bias top.

The images below show upper limb options.

Below from left to right: 2.5cm silicone dotted band inside, 3/4 silicone dotted band inside, 2.5cm silicone band on top



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