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More than just a good night's sleep

Lymphoedema management can be challenging and requires special attention - right around the clock. The use of compression therapy to manage lymphoedema is well acknowledged but there is limited published information relating to compression therapy and outcomes during periods of rest or at night. We conducted a patient survey1 on 94 lymphoedema patients from five different countries, asking them about their oedema at night and how it affected their lives. Patients in the study using night-time compression reported benefits of reduced swelling, improved pain management and better sleep. By comparison, for the patients where night-time compression was not used, an increase in swelling was reported by 89% of patients. 

JOBST Relax is designed to complement lymphoedema management during the day and offers an alternative to night-time compression solutions such as compression bandages. The garments provide the oedema control a patient needs, both at night-time and during periods of relaxation, combined with the look and comfort that patients want.   

Click here to view the product literature.

1. Whitaker, J (2016) ‘ Lymphoedema Management at Night: views from patients across five countries‘, British Journal of Community Nursing, 21 (Sup10) pp. S22-S30

Monofilament spacer layer

  • Provides cushioning

    • Comfortable to wear
    • Adapts to most sleeping positions

Textured surface

  • Creates a micro-massage effect

    • Simulation of lymph flow

  • Luxurious feel

    • More aesthetically pleasing

Custom-fit, flat-knit technology

  • Provides consistent gradient compression

    • Constriction free sleep
    • Helps prevent swelling at night

  • Anatomically shaped

    • Stays in place
    • Aids donning and doffing

Coolmax® yarns and advanced knitting technique

  • Offers increased breathability and moisture management

    • Cooling effect
    • Comfortable feeling on the skin
    • Improved fit and drying time
    • Easy to care for

Low-profile material

  • Slimline, lightweight and flexible material

    • Encourages air flow for higher wearing comfort
    • Can be folded to fit within satin bag
    • Modern design

JOBST Relax compression garments are backed up by our 6-month guarantee against garment failure due to manufacturing or material defect. 

Coolmax® is a registered trademark of INVISTA. 

Measuring information

For an order form detailing the measurements required for a JOBST Relax garment, please click below:

JOBST Relax Order Form

Note: please measure in the same way as for a JOBST® Elvarex® compression garment.

Disclaimer: Please note that these order forms are supplied for use by healthcare professionals who have been specifically trained and are qualified to measure for JOBST Relax custom-fit garments. Each garment is made to the individual measurements and specifications provided on this order form. BSN medical takes no responsibility for any measurement inaccuracies, so please check thoroughly before submitting your order. If you have any queries relating to either measuring or garment style, please do not hesitate to contact Customer Services (0845 122 3600) or the Lymphoedema Helpline (0800 389 8424).  

The product information on this page is not intended to be used by healthcare professionals or users in the United States and may not comply with the regulatory standards of the United States. Please refer to the product label and / or package insert for full instructions on the safe use of these products.

The images below show garment styles for the upper limb.

Above from left to right: armsleeve with gauntlet, armsleeve

Note: bias top is standard

Compression class:

  • CCL 1 (15-20mmHg)

Two colour options:

Available with or without integrated zipper

The images below show garment styles for the lower limb.

Two colour options.

Available with or without integrated zipper

Above from left to right: knee high, thigh high

Note: open toe, straight foot garments only

Compression classes:

  • CCL 1 (15-20mmHg)
  • CCL 2 (20-30mmHg)

Click on the images below to read the case reports.






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